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Saturday, February 24, 2024
Adoption Day
From 11 am - 1 pm

San Jose Adoption Day
Pet Food Express - San Jose
1152 Blossom Hill Rd,
San Jose

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Females attending


In the Spring of 2022, Heidi found herself on the intake list at the Stanislaus County Shelter picked up as a stray. Little did she know this was the beginning of an amazing journey to a second chance in life.

Heidi's fosters fell head over heels for her because she was super affectionate, playful, and non-destructive. They learned she was a little cautious with strangers at first but that didn't last very long!

Her extreme intelligence coupled with a love for treats makes training lots of fun for the whole family. As a bonus, Heidi is one of those dogs who lives to please.

Now 6 years old and 75 lbs., Heidi has settled in nicely with her foster family. She has learned to trust and now greets people of all ages with a gentle, yet enthusiastic reception.


Roxie is a smaller black on tan 4 year old girl who loves her people, playing ball and chasing her Frisbee. She has a sunny demeanor and plenty of energy.

She was loved by an older man who regularly took her to a dog park near their home for several years where they made many friends. When Roxie's owner became sick and passed away, the dog park friends took Roxie in and cared for her as their own but knew that she deserved a permanent home. We picked Roxie up at her dog park where many of her friends, human and canine, showed up to say goodbye.

Roxie likes all the people she meets and most of the dogs as well. She shows interest in passing dogs but is not reactive. Roxie is not cat friendly thanks to a traumatic experience she had with one when she was a puppy.


Males attending


Meet happy-go-lucky 4 year old Cisco now!

Here is what we know about him:

He likes people; I mean really, really, really likes people!

He is incredibly affectionate and super friendly.

He loves his rubs and pets, and will lean into you for more!

He is good with and quiet around other large dogs and is currently fostered with another shepherd.

He is great on a leash and will heel and sit when he stops.

He seems to be non-reactive to to most critters, except things that like to hide in the bushes.


Jack is a gorgeous, soft, fluffy haired, shepherd mix. This floppy-eared cutie loves people. He'll let you pet him like he's known you forever and he'll even roll over for belly rubs! He takes a treat nicely, wags his tail and is super happy, nothing can damper this boy's good spirit.

When he's not looking for cuddles, his favorite thing to do is to sit at the window and observe the great outdoors for squirrels. Jack loves squirrels, probably a little too much. For this reason, he should be in a home without cats.

Jack is dog friendly and is currently being fostered with 3 other shepherds. He gets along fine with his foster siblings and plays nicely and is not pushy.


James is a happy bundle of joy and is the epitome of a friendly gentle giant.

James loves everyone. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female, young or old, as long as you are human, James considers himself your best friend. And according to James, best friends are always expected to give belly rubs. He loves all humans he meets and is great around children.

James loves other dogs, too. James' current foster parents have another dog and cat in their house and everyone gets along very well. On walks, he will bark at other dogs, but only because he is so excited to meet a potential friend. He has a low prey drive and does not chase small creatures.


At just over a year old, Mickey is an adorable. heathy, 65 pound, black and tan boy who has been well loved by his owner. Unfortunately, he must be rehomed as his owner has developed health issues.

Mickey has an amazing disposition. He is fun loving, playful, affectionate, mellow, and great around adults and children.

He is curious and playful around dogs and may be good in a home with cats as he seems to be curious and uninterested in them.


Taz, a handsome 2 year old male, was found as a stray in Stockton with multiple wounds and an injury from having a collar embedded in his neck. We found him to be a very sweet but timid boy and were delighted to bring him into our program to heal, decompress, to learn the art of becoming a great family dog.

Taz has shown his true colors as a smart, playful, super-affectionate, and calm boy who just wants to connect with and please his people. He is kid friendly and has been around children as young as 5 years old. Even though Taz is friendly to strangers (men and women alike) on his walks, he prefers the ladies and would do best with a woman owner upon whom he will shower affection, love, and unlimited snuggles. At home however, Taz is extremely uncomfortable with big men.





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