Our Dogs attending Adoption Days


The following dogs are scheduled to attend our
December 1, 2018
Adoption Day Event
from 11 am - 2 pm

Redwood City Adoption Event
Pet Food Express - Redwood City
372 Woodside Plaza
Redwood City

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Females attending

Emma O
Emma is a goofy, affectionate 60 lb female who is about 4 years old and thinks she's still a puppy. In her foster home, she's working on basic obedience and how to focus. She loves toys of all kinds and treats, so she's very trainable and learns quickly. Emma is house-trained and crate-trained; she whines a bit at first, but then settles in for a nap. She sleeps freely in the living room at night and has been left alone for up to 8 hours while her fosters are at work with no issues, as long as you don't leave any tasty treats on the counters. Emma will alarm bark, but settles once you let her know it's Ok. Emma can be shy with new people, but warms up quickly and leans in for pets. Like a puppy, she can get a bit mouthy when excited, but she's learning that's not a good way to ask for attention! Emma is also learning to walk nicely on leash and she's getting used to the sights and sound of a city, which she finds a little overwhelming after shelter life, but she's learning the ropes quickly. She rides well in the car (as long as she's secured, otherwise she'll insist on being co-pilot!) and politely tolerated a bath. More... 
Shelbie is a sweet 6-year-old female German Shepherd who was picked up by animal control. Why she wasn't claimed is a mystery, as she has beautiful house manners. Shelbie is gentle and responds immediately to corrections. She doesn't jump on people. Her foster mom says she is a calm dog. She is treat and toy motivated and will be easy to train. She has a hard mouth when taking treats and we are working to correct that. She's learned to drop her toy and come (when there's no distractions). Shelbie loves a game of fetch and going for walks. She is also quite happy to snooze while her people are nearby or hang out in the yard. Shelbie can pull strongly on lead when out for her walks and her adopter will need to work on that with her. Walks, however, are mostly opportunities for sniffing, which she does at every opportunity. Shelbie lived in a foster home with a mellow mixed breed dog and after some time she played well with him. She can however be bossy with some dogs. More... 

Males attending

Ozark is an adorable 3 year old male who was pulled from the Oakland shelter when his time was up. Ozark is curious, affectionate and playful... still very much a puppy at heart! He loves being with his humans and is happy to meet new people. Ozark has good energy, loves to go for walks and is learning leash manners. Ozark loves chewing on balls, kongs and eradicating the world of squeakers inside the stuffed toys. He takes correction well, is not too sensitive and catches on quickly. Ozark loves to cuddle and is super sweet. Ozark is house trained, crate trained and learning obedience. He gets along well with other dogs and is currently living with 3 other female dogs. There is a cat in the home and while Ozark seems quite interested, there have been no issues, so he might be cat workable. More... 




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Please remember that the descriptions of dogs have been written by GSRNC volunteers and are usually based only upon our observation of the dog since the time it was rescued. While we try to provide dog descriptions that are fair and accurate, the nature of our work involves contact with dogs whose background and history are unknown to us. GSRNC cannot warrant or guarantee any dog's future behavior. For example, if we say that a rescue dog gets along with children, cats, or other dogs, this statement is usually based upon the fact that one of our volunteers has observed the dog interacting with his or her own children or pets. While this information may be helpful, we cannot be certain of how a dog will do with the children or pets in your home. If you are considering adopting, we encourage you to come to one of our Adoption Days and meet our rescue dogs. Ultimately, only you can decide whether one of our dogs is right for you.