Name: Truffle
Age: 6 years
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When you inquire about a dog, the following questions might be helpful:

1. Why are you giving up your dog?

2. Has the dog ever bitten, nipped or 'gone after' anyone?

3. Does it have any health problems? Who is your vet? May I contact him/her?

4. Where did you get the dog? Does it have papers?

5. Does your dog have any training? Is it housebroken? crate trained?

6. Is the dog left alone for long periods? What does it do? Bark? Dig? Chew? Is it an inside or outside dog? Where does it sleep?

7. How does the dog behave with adults, children? Other dogs? Cats?

8. Is your dog mellow? calm? energetic? protective? affectionate?


Truffle is affectionate, playful, sweet and just the best dog all around. She has been our family dog since she was adopted at 3 months old. My parents are getting older and they can no longer take care of her and unfortunately I don't have the capacity to provide her the level of care she deserves. She's been trained by two trainers so she knows basic commands (sit, stay, come, down, shake, etc.) and obedience. She can be reactive to strangers through barking, jumping and she's excited when she sees other dogs and squirrels. She loves dog parks, dislikes restaurants because she can get anxious and reactive. She has never bitten or even growled at anyone before, just the sweetest personality. She's great with kids, okay with cats (prefer no cats).

We recently did an Embark genetic test for her and she's 60% German Shepherd, 20% Border Collie, 20% mix of Australian Shepherd and other herding dogs. She's 100% healthy with no genetic predisposition for any diseases tested. We can provide the test result if needed. She's fully vaccinated and spayed, will provide certificate.

No adoption fee is needed at all, we just want to find her a loving forever home with good sized land so she can spend the second half of her life roaming free.