Name: Keyana
Age: 4 years
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When you inquire about a dog, the following questions might be helpful:

1. Why are you giving up your dog?

2. Has the dog ever bitten, nipped or 'gone after' anyone?

3. Does it have any health problems? Who is your vet? May I contact him/her?

4. Where did you get the dog? Does it have papers?

5. Does your dog have any training? Is it housebroken? crate trained?

6. Is the dog left alone for long periods? What does it do? Bark? Dig? Chew? Is it an inside or outside dog? Where does it sleep?

7. How does the dog behave with adults, children? Other dogs? Cats?

8. Is your dog mellow? calm? energetic? protective? affectionate?


Keyana is a beautiful and sweet 4 year old German Shepherd. She is a wonderful companion, loves to snuggle and follow you around wherever you go, and is always on the lookout for bugs she can chomp out of the sky! However, she is very aggressive towards other dogs. She has never shown aggression toward a human but I cannot stress enough that she should not be in a home that has any other dogs or pets. Someone with experience owning a German Shepherd is a MUST. She is house trained and listens to basic commands. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.