Current Senior Dogs

There are many reasons why senior dogs (aged 7 and up) come into our program. Sometimes the dog's person has recently died. Other times the dog's family has grown, and there is simply no time for the dog's needs anymore. Recently we have had several senior dogs whose families had to move to smaller living spaces due to loss of a job.

Davey - 9 yr(s) old
male, neutered
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Adoption Pending
Total 1 Senior Dogs available

Top 10 Reasons for Adopting a Senior German Shepherd Dog

  1. Housetrained
  2. Won't chew inappropriate items
  3. Focus to learn
  4. Physically mellow
  5. Settle in with the "pack"
  6. Good at giving love
  8. Instant companions
  9. Time for yourself
  10. A good night's sleep