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PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must join with you!

1. When is the best time to reach you by phone?  (days/evenings, day of the week, no preference)


Dog Experience

2. Please describe the type and extent of your dog experience and skills.

Novice (haven’t owned a dog as an adult or only owned small dogs)
Large dog owner (have owned a large breed dog like a GSD)
Intermediate (have attended obedience or certification classes with a large breed dog, worked at a vet or kennel)
Advanced (handled working or competition dog, breeder, professional trainer)
Please add any comments about your experience:

3. Do you currently have a dog? Yes No

A. What breeds do you have now or have had in the past?

B. Describe your experience with GSDs: (owned, grew up with, friend has/had one, etc.)


4. What fun things do you/have you done with your dog?  (Running, camping, hiking, etc.)


Volunteer Experience

5. Have you been a member of other volunteer organizations? Yes No

If so, which groups?

What sorts of things did you do in these groups?


Work Experience

6. What is your current line of work?


7. What other sorts of jobs have you had?

Personal Goals

8. Why would you like to volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue?


9. What types of things would you like to do in Rescue?

Foster one of our dogs
Transport  dogs (to vet appointments, adoption days, foster homes, etc.)
Help people find their perfect dog 
Help at adoption events
Answer questions on the GSRNC hotline (you work from home!)
Work on fund raising (planning events, selling raffle tickets, grant writing, etc.)
Help promote GSRNC at local promotional & dog events
Help with GSRNC merchandise 
Work on our print & email newsletters
Join our marketing & communications team

10. Do you have any specific skills that you’d like to use helping Rescue?

Graphic Design (layout, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) 
Writing (newsletter stories, press releases, grant writing, etc.)
Website (HTML coding, WordPress, etc.)
Photography (taking photos, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)
Video (making videos for events and YouTube)
Social media (Facebook, blogging, etc.)
Fundraising (non-profit specific)
Finances (accounting, tax requirements, etc.)
Legal (non profit specific)
IT / Audio Visual (manage computers & presentation equipment at events)
Making Blankets/Toys


 11. How did you hear about German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California?

Thank you for your interest in helping these great dogs. We are an all volunteer organization and appreciate all the support we can get. We will be in touch with you soon.